A center that builds the community by providing services and programs for all ages to enjoy.

About Us

The C Dee Wright Community Center is located at 11 Church Street. It is in the middle of Akron NY across from Russell Park at the corner of Church and John. The Wright started as the Newstead Town Hall.  The building was purchased by the Akron First United Methodist Church when it was decommissioned and replaced by the newly renovated Town Hall on Clarence Center Road.

The Akron First United Methodist Church has owned the C. Dee Wright Community Center Building for about 10 years.  Its official name is C. Dee Wright Community Ministry Center but has become known simply as the “Wright”. The church supports the Wright Center by providing the building “rent free” as a community outreach whose mission is to offer Help and Hope especially to the underserved.

The Wright Center is intended to be self-sufficient. We maintain our services and the building through a combination of fund raisers and donations from individuals, businesses and organizations. The Wright is managed by a Board of Directors that represent many facets of the village and town.                                                                                                    

In addition to providing the Wright Center to organizations like the Boy and Girl Scouts we support programs like:

“Parents of Children with Special Needs” that meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

GARP (Grandparents As Reading Partners) a unique program in partnership with ACS Elementary School brings together kids’ reading below grade level with mature adults who help with reading and creates a loving relationship with these kids who seem to need extra attention. GARP Kids are delivered by school bus to the Wright each Tuesday and Wednesday after school.

The 3rd Saturday evening of the month the Wright hosts an entertainment program that varies from a Frank Sinatra tribute singer to Blues to Blue Grass to 50’s Oldies band to a 40’s Big Band, Country and Folk Singers and more.  These free programs that welcome your donations are intended to expose our community to a variety of music genres.   Like many of the programs at the Wright snacks, cookies, pop, coffee and water are supplied by the “Friends of The Wright”.

Most months on a Sunday afternoon the Wright holds the “Speaker Series”.  Many times the Speaker Series partners with the Newstead Historical Society.  Programs include Franklin Roosevelt, The Men who created the Constitution, The Meyers Families mission to Africa, A travelogue of China, the Dust Bowl and Mary Jemison.

During the school summer break the Wright supports kids programs like the successful “Make a Movie”, Beginners Guitar and Ukulele lessons, musical theater and voice lessons.

Members of our community use the Wright to further their mission like “The Quilters” who make prayer quilts.  The Soccer League uses the Wright for their Signup program.  Lockport Model Airplane Club holds monthly meetings as does ANCC. The Celebration Committee and Chamber of Commerce have held their meetings in the Wright Conference Room. The Pet Food Pantry has their office within The Wright. The Rotary uses one of our small rooms for storage.

We hold Yoga classes three days a week. We have held different exercise programs as the community needs them including a toddler, youth and senior program. We also feature education programs like conversational Spanish, nutrition, GED and Work Skills seminars.

The Wright has supported the community in many ways beyond those in our building. 

The Wright has for several years opened its doors to provide Public Restrooms for village events.  It has, during the summer, made sure Restrooms were available from noon till 8:00 for families using Russell Park and they are open for all Village Events, year round.

Each year thousands of individuals go through the doors of the Wright.

All the Wrights programs are run and managed by community volunteers.

Thank you for your support of the Wright.

Judy Moore, Volunteer Director
C. Dee Wright Community Center